Timeless tradition and service for the modern musician.

Welcome to Los Angeles Violin Shop


LAVS serves musicians of all ages and levels, matching them with high quality instruments and bows in wonderful condition.


LAVS helps clients understand and appreciate the value of their instruments and bows.


LAVS’ owner, Owen Lee, will work closely with private investors who are looking to invest in fine instruments and bows.



LAVS aims to give clients instruments in the best possible condition.


LAVS workshop luthiers are knowledgeable experts in the field.

LAVS Foundation

LAVS is always looking for ways to support the Los Angeles community and grow together.


Los Angeles Violin Shop is committed to expanding awareness of and appreciation for stringed instrument practice and performance by serving the community of stringed musicians of all levels and backgrounds. We focus on making and preserving top quality instruments and bows, and have cultivated sound partnerships with other ateliers around the world. We are also committed to serving our community by setting up all of our instruments with high-quality fittings, hand carved bridges, and quality strings to ensure ease of playing, sound production, and satisfaction. Additionally, we offer a wide array of instruments, authentication and certification, and educational resources for students and professionals.

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Evyn C.
Evyn C.
Because I've resumed my violin practice and am getting decent enough to use it on recordings and performances, I decided I needed a backup instrument. Essentially, I wanted something similar to the one I already have, which is a very solid intermediate-level violin. I also wanted to find a shop that could handle maintenance and repairs. After narrowing it down from reviews on Yelp, I visited Los Angeles Violin Shop in Koreatown. San was amazingly helpful and hooked me up with something that's perfect for my current needs without breaking the bank. Since then, they've also upgraded my existing violin with a better/lighter bridge, and re-haired/fixed up a bow that I thought was done for. LA Violin Shop tremendously improved the playability of both of those items. Note that they also have boxes full of used chin rests (and probably other items) for dirt cheap. I was just about to purchase one online for quite a bit more. Even their "basic" instrument cases are quality. (*) Angel Taylor, which is the shop's own brand. They take quality Chinese-made violins and upgrade all the components
Matt B.
Matt B.
What can I say...legit violin shop, wide variety of options to suit your budget, and a helpful shopkeeper. Although I didn't use it, perhaps my favorite part was the workshop in the back, which you could see into...just obviously a place of craftsmanship. It's really my happy place. I'd come here more often if I wasn't worried about buying something every time.
Massimo B.
Massimo B.
First time Violin shopper and complete noob. This place is awesome and i fell in love the moment i walked in, and Sarah was extremely knowledgeable, patient, and helped me pick out my very first violin (and made me feel very confident about the purchase!!) i will be coming back for lessons and any/all violin needs. this place has some very passionate people, i love it. thanks Sarah and crew!
Peter R.
Peter R.
Went in there to replace strings for my friends kids violin I have no knowledge about any of these instruments but fealt comfortable receiving advise from their professional staff. They weren't just trying to sell they gave me professional help and more knowledge about these instruments. I ended up saving a ton of money. Would highly recommend , also staff is on point especially the host Dodam Kim she's very friendly and knows her stuff
James A.
James A.
I broke a string on my daughter's violin and called LA Violin Shop; I am glad I did.  Excellent customer service on the phone and in the store. I had strings replaced and violin tuned. The store staff was extremely helpful and professional.  My daughter and I had a fantastic experience.
Moses K.
Moses K.
As a graduate from USC, I am very skeptical of local shops but LA Violin Shop is legitimate. I came in to have my cello worked on and they did a fabulous job. Not only were they skilled in craftsmanship but their customer service is top notch. I now refer all my fellow usc colleagues to this shop and they love it as well.
Bob M.
Bob M.
I have had my violin for about 45 years.    It is a beautiful old fiddle and was made around 200 years ago.   It had needed a major overhaul for a couple of decades, ever since I let an incompetent worker place a wedge under the fingerboard.    It had also developed a crack near the treble side f hole.    I was also worried about the bass bar.  It appeared to be previously placed slightly out of position.     I came to Los Angeles Violin Shop with my concerns and they basically rebuilt my violin.    The top was removed where the crack was fixed, a new bass bar was placed and the neck was reset.     Not only that but a proper fingerboard was installed and planed for proper fingering and action.    A new sound post was cut and installed.     All of this work which was done has completely transformed my instrument.     It is truly exhilarating to play now.    The sound is just plain wonderful and improving all the time.   My experience with the Los Angeles Violin Shop has been effortlessly positive in every way.     I highly recommend their staff who took care of all of my questions in a most friendly professional manner.     Everything went according to plan.    I believe the professional who worked on my violin to be absolutely top notch and he gave me the feeling that he cares about each and every instrument upon which he works.     I highly recommend the Los Angeles Violin Shop for stringed instrument services.      I am very happy with the service and my expectations were exceeded.      The staff's friendly mannerisms together with the excellent workmanship have delivered my violin to me in a condition which I am very proud.    I could not be happier.     I highly recommend doing business with the Los Angeles Violin Shop.
Kevin C.
Kevin C.
What an amazing shop, the staff was so knowledgeable and not intimidating , met Jake the Luthier  and they were very generous with their time and answered all my questions! Beautiful space and their instruments are top notch. They offer lessons as well. Definitely worth a visit.
Francesca S.
Francesca S.
Wonderful place. Dan was such a kind and patient person as I selected from various violins within my preferred price range. They even let me try the violins in a room. Owen is also very kind in giving me a good price. Definitely coming back again soon! Perfect place for beginners in violin as well.