Violin, Viola, Cello Making

Hand-crafted Violins and Violas by Jiwon Han

Highest quality by VSA Tone Award winner, Jiwon Han. Played by professionals internationally. Please inquire about price and waiting list information.


Platinum Workshop Instruments

These instruments are made exclusively by our top luthiers in house.  Good quality European wood, top notch varnish, and high end fittings are just some of the features of these instruments. Inquire about pricing and availability.


We proudly present our workshop made instrument “Owens & Parkley”

Owens & Parkley Gold Labels:

We devised a set of specifications with which to produce a superior quality affordable violin, starting with imported partly-completed unvarnished instruments. The completion process in our shop involves considerable work, including precisely finishing the graduations, fitting the bassbar, setting the neck, and applying a fine 1704 varnish. We combine distinctive workmanship with quality materials to produce a truly fine violin for the dedicated student or serious amateur.

  • Violins: $2500 Viola: $3000 Cello: $5500
  • Violin Solo: $3000 Viola Solo: $3800 Cello Solo: $6500


Owens & Parkley Signature Series:

The Owens & Parkley Signature Series instruments are made in Los Angeles Workshop. The violins are modeled after a Stradivari and Guarneri pattern constructed with fine detail, and finished with a beautiful natural resin 1704 varnish. We use superior quality European spruce and maple. They possess a sound surprisingly open and rich, and they have proven that they have superior sound quality compare with much larger price tags.  These are fine instruments for the professional, student or amateur.

  • Violins: $5500 Viola: $6500 Cello: $12000