Jiwon Han

Qualifications : With a well established reputation in Korea as a skilled repairer and maker, Jiwon worked at Stradi Workshop in Seoul. While there, in addition to gaining workshop and restoration experience, he worked closely with the workshops of Kumho Asiana Foundation and Songwoo Trading Company, regular distributors to John & Arthur Beare. Jiwon joined our team to further broaden his level of crafting and restoring instruments. He acquired a tone award from the Violin Society America in 2018 and currently crafts his own violins & violas by commission. Jiwon’s instruments are in demand by advanced and professional level players because of his fine workmanship and their incredibly nuanced sound. Jiwon’s acoustical adjustment and set up skills have greatly aided many musicians. LAVS is proud to have him as our Head Luthier.
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