Daniel Hooper

Daniel began his violin journey in the fourth grade and received his earliest lessons through the local public school music program. Along the way, he took a number of Superior ratings at Solo Festivals, won chairs in many junior high and high school honor orchestras, and was a member of Youth Symphony West for four years. He attended the Conservatory of Music at University of The Pacific, where he majored in Music Education and studied Violin Performance under Warren van Bronkhorst.

Daniel earned his degree in English Literature at San Francisco State University, but still found time to play with San Francisco Children’s Opera, The University Symphony, and other community musical groups.

On returning to Los Angeles, Daniel decided to get reacquainted with his violin and teaching. This led him to Los Angeles Violin Shop where Owen was searching for a Sales Manager to help them grow the business and make LAVS more widely known to the public school orchestra directors. Daniel has spearheaded the formation of several stringed music after-school programs and continues to provide customers with top-flight service and attention to detail.

“The driving force behind Los Angeles Violin Shop is to put the best sounding instruments in the hands of players regardless of their performance level or budget. That means that students and those just starting out can get an instrument optimized to its highest potential, just like those of top performers. And we aim to ensure that they receive  the same great service. That’s why I enjoy working at Los Angeles Violin Shop.” –Daniel Hooper —

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