LAVS is always looking for fine quality instruments and bows for our clients (please, no introductory student instruments) and are glad to examine your instruments at any time. We offer generous prices and are pleased to report we have helped many musicians find new homes for instruments and bows they no longer wish to own.

Steps to selling instrument or bow

Initially Owen Lee will offer complementary appraisal of your instrument or bows
Recommendations to find out the value of the instrument(s):

1) Please take good pictures of your instrument(front and back).

2) Email them to our shop:, or text directly to phone number 213-268-3560.

3) We will let you know whether it is worthy to sell, and/or if we are interested in immediately purchasing. 

4) We don’t buy student grade instruments. In other words, we don’t normally buy workshop made or mass produced violins.


2. Certify the authenticity of instrument or bow
After Owen Lee’s inspection, Owen will work with experts to certify the instruments and bows

3. Estimate and offer
After experts guarantee the authenticity, Owen will give offer to the owner. (Targeted price, possible repair and restoration, certificate of authenticity)

4. Consignment
Both parties sign a consignment contract. (from this moment LAVS insurance will cover condition and state of the instruments and bows)

5. Direct Selling
At Some environment LAVS offers to owner to buy instruments outright

6. Private Sales
Owen’s large international clientele base and has successfully found buyers for fine instruments and bows without publicize.

7. Payment
After sale is made, LAVS will send payment to the owner (wire transfer or check)