Instrument Rentals

Monthly Rental


We have a 3-month minimum rental period required. After the initial 3-month period, we will automatically charge you by either credit card or ACH bank transfer. Monthly rentals with tax and insurance will be charged to your financial institution, unless you return the instrument back to our facility.  You will be charged from the day your instrument leaves our shop until we receive it back in our shop.

Stringed Instrument Monthly Rental Pricing
BASIC MONTHLY PRICE LAVS Protection Plan Monthly Payment, Taxes, Fees, and Protection Plan
VIOLIN $25.00+Tax $7.00/ month $35.38
VIOLA $30.00+Tax $8.00/ month $41.85
CELLO $50.00+Tax $12.00/ month $68.75
    • Graduated Sizes and Instrument Choice: Los Angeles Violin Shop offers a wide variety of sizes and rental levels for our customers to choose from when selecting an instrument.
    • Flexible Length of Term: The minimum rental is 3 months. If you discontinue the rental and return the instrument, the last month’s payment is the last charge you will incur.
    • LA Violin Shop Protection Plan: Unless renter purchases the Protection Plan, the renter will be responsible for loss, theft and/or destruction of the instrument from all causes. The Protection Plan and rental credit will be void if payments are past due or fail to update payment methods.
    • Basic Rental: Shop set up Carlos Rizzo Model Outfit ($600 Vn/ $900 Va/ $1500 Ce Value)
    • Purchase Plan: 100% of the monthly rent (excluding Protection Plan, fees, and taxes) is credited towards the Purchase up to 15 months.
          • Maximum 100% of monthly rental credits may be applied as credit towards up to 70% of LA Violin Shop’s retail price on any instrument.
          • This discount (Purchase Option credit) must be applied towards purchase when returning instrument to LAVS; otherwise Rental Credit will be forfeited.
          • In the case of multiple rental instruments, individually accrued credit cannot be compounded towards the purchase of a single instrument.
          • Rental credit applies solely towards an instrument purchase of the same type. For example, cello rental credit CANNOT be applied to a violin purchase.
          • If the renter missed payment or failed to maintain account current, the rental credit will be forfeited.
          • Discounts are not held for future application, and are non-transferable. Conversion of a current rental account to purchase is NOT AUTOMATIC. Renter MUST ELECT to purchase.

Download Monthly Rental Application Form

School Term Rental


Stringed Instrument School Term Rental Sizes & Pricing

Violin – 1/16 – 1/10 – 1/8 – 1/4 – 1/2 – 3/4 $199
Viola – 12” – 13” – 14” $199
Cello – 1/8 – 1/4 – 1/2 – 3/4 $350
    • SIGN UP BY 9/30/23
    • APPLY online:
    • PICK UP at LA Violin Shop or the Colburn school
    • ENJOY for the school year
    • RETURN by 6/28/24 to close rental or
    • ELECT to pay for the next school term in advance (7/1/24) and
    • KEEP the instrument for free over the summer
    • UPSIZING is included in the rental plan
    • School Term program does NOT accrue rental credit