B & J New York Violin, Germany 1902


B & J New York (distributors) Violin


Year: 1902

This violin’s labels indicate it was made in Germany, probably in Markneukirchen, especially for the New York instrument distributor B & J New York. This handsome violin has a lovely one-piece maple back displaying subtle medium wide flame descending from the bass side with nice optics. Ribs and scrolls match. The top is of medium fine-, straight-grained spruce. The varnish is a very dark burnt umber color over a golden base, giving the violin an overall auburn (reddish brown) look. Original antiquing is mild, consisting of two patches on the back where the color has been thinned down to the wood. The first is a large patch simulating shoulder wear, and a smaller patch on the upper bass side simulating hand wear. There is also some color thinning on the treble side of the upper back, again to simulate hand wear. The treble side ribs also have some original color thinning. In addition, there is some genuine wear on the top’s upper treble side. There are two professionally repaired cracks on the treble side of the top’s lower bout. All of which contribute to the handsome character of this violin. The violin is built on a Stradivari model, and the workmanship is very good. Another feature of this violin is the professional installation of Wittner Planetary tuning pegs. Ebony chinrest and tailpiece complete the classic look of this handsome German violin.

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For Los Angeles Violin Shop customer, we would confidently recommend this product for the advancing student or amateur player.


B & J New York Violin features:

  • Solid spruce top, maple back and ribs
  • Ebony fingerboard
  • German construction
  • European Tonewoods
  • Hand rubbed oil & spirit varnish in an antiqued dark burnt umber color
  • Wittner Planetary Pegs
  • Ebony chinrest, and tailpiece
  • Set-up with Dominant strings installed
  • Style: Stradivari
  • Free Shipping within the continent of U.S

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