August Diehl Violin 4/4

August Diehl Violin

Hamburg, Germany

Year: 1911


This handsome German violin has a two-piece book matched maple back with very fine deep optical lateral flaming.  Ribs and scroll match. Top is of fine, straight- grained spruce. Varnish is a deep blood red over a golden base, and was allowed to pool in the channels around the C-bouts while being thinner in the higher areas. Antiquing was originally limited to a thinning of the color to simulate shoulder and hand wear. Since it was new, this violin has been played a lot, and that has left some additional genuine antiquing along the edges and on the top, in the form of chips in the top varnish, and wear along the edges and corners. That said, the violin has a lot of character and sounds great. The violin is a copy of a Guarneri design. Pegs, chinrest, and tailpiece are medium dark boxwood.

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August Diehl Violin features: 

  • Guarneri model
  • Inspected, adjusted, and set-up in LA Violin Workshop
  • Evah Pirazzi Gold Strings
  • Handsome look and good sound
  • Free Shipping with the continental U.S.

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