LA Violin Shop Protection Plan (Rental Insurance)

Los Angeles Violin Shop Protection Plan

PROTECTION PLAN: (Not required but Strongly Recommended)

Los Angeles Violin Shop (LAVS) will maintain the covered instrument, bow, and/or case in excellent playing condition. LAVS will repair or replace the covered instrument, bow, and/or case using items of comparable make, quality, and condition, in the event of accidental damage, fire, or theft, according to the Terms and Conditions stated on this page and as referenced by the invoice for the purchase of this Protection Plan. All covered charges will be paid by the Protection Plan.


Eligible for Protection Plan coverage are instruments, bows, and/or cases rented from LAVS. Accessory items and strings are not eligible for inclusion in the Protection Plan. If the Protection Plan is not purchased at the same time as the instrument rental, repairs at the expense of the renter may be required before the instrument is eligible for full coverage under the Protection Plan. Damage sustained and unrepaired prior to the purchase of the Protection Plan will not be covered by the Protection Plan. Instruments, bows, and/or cases used in performance for pay are not eligible for coverage under the Protection Plan. The Protection Plan is available only to the original renters from LAVS and cannot be transferred nor may any fees paid be refunded.

The Customer, at his/her expense, is responsible for presenting the instrument bow and/or case to LAVS, at its regular business location(s), in person or by common carrier, for repair or replacement as required.

Suspension of the Protection Plan will occur if Rental Customers are more than 15 days past due in their payments. Reinstatement will be effective upon receipt of all delinquent charges, including additional Finance and/or Late Charges as provided in the customer’s contract. Loss or accidental damage during a time of suspension will not be covered and repair or replacement costs at the usual and customary rates will be the responsibility of the customer during this period.

LAVS’s Liability shall, in no event, exceed the lesser of restoration to playing condition or replacement. LAVS will be the sole judge of the applicability of the terms and conditions of the Protection Plan. The selection of repair or maintenance method or the selection of a replacement instrument, bow, and/or case is solely at the discretion of LAVS. Terms and Conditions of the Protection Plan do not express or imply a cash settlement. LAVS reserves the right to cancel protection if the customer is determined to be negligent or intentionally abusive. LAVS also reserves the right to pursue any legal means of recourse to protect its ownership or security interest, if applicable, in the instrument, bow, and/or case.



Exclusions from maintenance and replacement protection are cosmetic damage that does not impede the tone or playability of the instrument, and loss due to negligence, mysterious disappearance, damage from repair by unauthorized persons, arson, vandalism, or intentional abuse. This Protection plan excludes damage to items caused by mishandling by third party baggage or shipping personnel. Any repairs necessary to fix damage caused by third party baggage or shipping personnel will be the responsibility of the plan participant. Intentional handwriting by renters with sharp objects on the body of the rental instruments.


LAVS Protection Plan does not cover mysterious disappearance from the school band or orchestra room or lockers.


Proof of Loss is required for loss by theft or fire. In the event of theft, the customer must contact the appropriate law enforcement agency within 15 days of the theft and provide us with a copy of the official police report. In the event of a fire, the remains of the instrument, bow, and/or case must be presented. In all events, theft, fire, or accidental damage, the customer must provide a signed, detailed statement describing the circumstances in which the loss occurred.


If the renter does not choose the LAVS Protection Plan, renter is responsible for maintaining the instrument and bow in good working, and original condition when returning the instrument. Our standard repair rate applies if the instrument returned damaged. There will be a $35 for Violin, $40 for Viola, or $50 for Cello reconditioning fee applied when an instrument not covered by the LAVS Protection Plan returns to our shop. The maximum repair charge does not exceed the Suggested Retail price of the instrument.


FEE STRUCTURE: Late fee: $5.00 on failing automatic payment through ACH or fail to update credit card information. There will be a $25.00 handling fee for the customers who fail to keep the credit card number or checking account information current.  There will be a $35.00 fee for chargeback made by renter when the renter still has possession of instrument(s).


COLLECTION: Upon demand, the renter will immediately return the instrument to LAVS. If the instrument is not returned as required, the renter will pay the full suggested retail price, plus any outstanding balance. The renter agrees to pay all collection costs, including, but not limited to, collection fees and attorney’s fees. Renter agrees to allow LAVS to obtain a personal credit report at any time during this agreement. Renter agrees to allow us or our agents and assigns, including debt collectors, to contact you.


TERMINATION: Renter can terminate this agreement at any time, without penalty, by returning the instrument to us in good condition. All original issue accessories such as strings, bows, case must be returned with the instrument, or the renter must pay for them at the time of returns. Do not leave this instrument at school.


E-MAIL OPT IN: By supplying us with your email address, the renter agrees to receive promotional messages. LAVS always keeps clients’ information confidential. We do not sell or share personal information.