LAVS Consignment Process

We will gladly consider any instrument or bow for consignment after the authentication process. We will evaluate instruments and bows with our world-renowned authentication partners.

After the authentication is complete, Owen Lee will determine the instrument or bow’s U.S. market value according to its uniqueness, condition, and provenance.

A contract will be drawn clearly stating the details, including consignment duration and optimal net profit, under which the instrument/bow would be sold.


Reasons to Consign Your Instruments and Bows to LAVS

  1. KNOWLEDGE: LAVS knows instruments. Our authentication partners are internationally recognized as being the best in their field.
  2. CRAFTSMANSHIP: LAVS’ workshop demonstrates highly-skilled restorations and craftsmanship.
  3. INTERNATIONAL CLIENTELE: Los Angeles boasts one of the largest markets for fine stringed instruments. Additionally, Owen maintains a diverse network of contacts and clientele around the world.
  4. NO FEES: LAVS does not charge restoration fees up front. We will include it in our contracted, agreed-upon price.
  5. CUSTOMER SATISFACTION: To ensure client satisfaction, LAVS always sells instruments / bows in their most optimal states possible. LAVS does not sell instruments simply “as is” or in poor conditions.
  6. INSURANCE INCLUDED: LAVS covers the insurance of all consigned instruments and bows.


We will buy or help consign old, fine instruments 

We are always looking for nice instruments and bows for our clients and are glad to examine your instruments any time.  We offer generous prices and are pleased to report we have helped many musicians find new homes for instruments and bows.

There are two ways we purchase instruments: outright purchases and consignments.

Outright purchases have the benefit of immediate payment once we agree on a price.

If you choose to leave an instrument with us on consignment, after it sells you will receive the agreed-upon payment and we receive a percentage of the sale price.

Please contact us if you have any concerns or questions to 213-471-2124 (Phone) and 1-251-292-1957 (Text).  We welcome you to show us your instruments and/or bows without obligation or cost.

Please remember that, as always, we cannot give any opinion about an instrument until we can examine it in person.