Certificate of Authenticity

A certificate of authenticity is a professional sales receipt or a third-party endorsement that serves as proof of legitimacy. It can be created by the original maker or by a qualified third party. When ensuring one’s instruments or bows, insurance companies ask for a certificate of authenticity before extending coverage in order to prevent fraud. 

Los Angeles Violin Shop is proud to announce our affiliation with the following internationally recognized French instrument and bow experts:

       Instrument appraisers: Jean-Jacques Rampal and Jonathan Marolle


       Bow appraisers: Jean-Francois Raffin, Sylvain Bigot, and Yannick Le Canu.


To receive authentication from these esteemed experts, schedule an appointment during our annual Authenticate LA event. LAVS founder, Owen Lee carries out pre-inspections of instruments and bows before showing them to the experts above. 

Contact Owen Lee for shipping arrangements and appointments at: (213)-471-2124

For more information, please visit us at www.authenticatela.com.


Verbal Appraisal 

Verbal appraisals provide a general notion of value when a formal written valuation is not needed. It is typically used when the client does not require a detailed legal document specifying and supporting the valuation of an object based on thorough market analysis. 

It is useful for understanding an instrument’s current market value and its origins. 

No appointment is needed, and it is free of charge. 


Insurance Appraisal 

A professional third party produces a written document which states the determined value of an instrument after thorough analysis. Insurance companies require this document as they need to know the value to determine how much coverage to offer. Certificates of authenticity do not always list the value of an instrument. Insurance appraisals are often used as a rider to homeowners’ insurance. 


Please contact Owen Lee to schedule an appointment at: (213)-471-2124

Fee: $100