Repair and restoration for bows involve specialized techniques to ensure that the bow functions properly and maintains its structural integrity. Bow repair and restoration require the expertise of skilled bowmakers (archetiers) who understand the intricacies of bow construction and the materials used. The goal is to preserve the bow’s playability, balance, and aesthetic appeal. 

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Here are some common aspects of bow repair and restoration:

Hair Replacement (Rehair): The bow’s hair, usually made from horsehair, can wear out over time or become damaged. Restorers will replace the hair, ensuring it is evenly tensioned for optimal performance. This is considered to be routine maintenance for the bow. 


Thumb Leather Replacement: The leather grip on the frog, where the player places their thumb, can wear out. Replacing the thumb leather ensures a comfortable and secure grip while protecting the stick of the bow.


Windings and Grip Replacement: The winding and grip on the bow can wear out or become loose. Restorers may replace the winding (often made of wire or thread) and the leather or synthetic grip for both functional and aesthetic reasons. 


Eyelet and Screw Replacement: The screw and eyelet mechanism at the frog end allows for adjusting the tension of the bow hair.  If there is difficulty in tightening the bow, these components may need replacement. 


Tip Plate Replacement: The tip plate is the small piece of material (often plastic, metal or bone) at the end of the bow. If damaged or worn, it may need replacement to protect the delicate tip and maintain balance. 


Tip Repair: If the tip of the bow is damaged or cracked, it may require careful repair to restore its structural integrity. This can involve gluing, shaping, and refinishing the tip.  


Camber Reset: The bow’s wooden stick can warp or lose its straightness over time. Skilled restorers can straighten the stick using heat and pressure to ensure proper playability.