6.1 FAQs

I want to take lessons. Where can I find a good teacher?

If you or someone you know is interested in violin, viola, cello or bass lessons, we're here to help! Call one of the musicians on our staff so that we can help match you with one of the talented teachers in the community for private lessons.


Do I need to have an instrument before I meet my teacher?

In most cases, your teacher will want to help you in the approval of your instrument, even if you're renting. That's why we offer a week, 100% money-back satisfaction guarantee on all our instrument sales and rentals.


Do I really need an appointment to see instruments at LA Violin Shop?

Our appointment policy is designed to keep you from being frustrated when you visit us and is strongly recommended. An appointment assures you the largest number of instruments in your specific category, as well as a showroom in which to play them.

I am living little far from Los Angeles what shall I do to try instruments?

1st, please call us for instrument try out. (We need to have price range you are looking for.)

2nd.  We will either deliver to your house or teachers studio for try out. (We are going to bring 3~4 instruments at a time)

We deliver instruments greater Los Angeles include San Diego to Santa Barbara. Ask our sales rep for detail.

Can we take instruments to show my son's or daughter's teacher?

Of course! We expect that your teacher will be intimately involved in the selection process for your child's instrument. All sales under $2,000 are done as a sale in which you have 1 week to return the purchase for a full refund. If you would like an additional instrument to show your teacher, the second may be sent with you on a free one-week trial. For instrument purchases over $2,000, you can choose our free one-week trial contract.

If you are planning on trading in the instrument you previously purchased from us or you intend to apply for financing, we will need to know this information before we select instruments.


Are new instruments better than used ones?

Not necessarily. Often, instruments that have been played for several years have a smoother, more desirable sound. With both new and "previously-owned" instruments, regular maintenance is a must.


What about online "deals" and flea market fiddles?

While it is certainly possible to find instruments outside of an established shop, you need to be absolutely certain that you can get your money back if your teacher doesn't approve the instrument. Sometimes a "deal" really IS just too good to be true!


How young can a child begin playing?

Opinions differ; public schools usually start children in 3rd or 4th grade. Many private teachers and schools, especially Suzuki programs, start children around the age of 3. Experts believe most children younger than 3 lack the developmental and motor skills needed to benefit from instrumental instruction. Very young children can participate in “Mommy-and-Me” programs that teach about music without being specifically about playing an instrument.


I am an adult beginner. Can I teach myself to play the violin?

You can try, but we strongly recommend you get a teacher for several reasons. Bowed instruments are trickier to start playing than many other popular instruments and an experienced teacher will allow you to make rapid progress without learning bad habits. There are many excellent resources for learning the violin but no book, dvd, or YouTube video can take the place of a live person who can observe you and your particular individual needs. A good teacher knows where you are and where you need to go. To help you find a teacher we offer lessons at our store and also free lists of private teachers in your area.


We have an old instrument in my family. Can you tell me what is it worth?

We can evaluate violins, violas, and cellos for their market value, which may not reflect your sentimental value in a family treasure. All other instruments are outside our field of expertise, and we suggest you contact the closest museum that has a collection of musical instruments or a reputable dealer in that instrument.