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Domenico Rizzo Violin Outfit (1/16-4/4)


One of our most popular student outfits, the Domenico Rizzo violin is an exceptional student violin to start with. A step up from our Lukas Carmen option, the Domenico Rizzo is all handmade and hand-varnished in a beautiful reddish brown color. It obtains robust volume and a clear tone, allowing it to project very well. Even as an entry-level instrument, our shop equips it with high quality Thomastik Dominant violin strings, our most popular string set, as well as a German Wittner tailpiece that provides you with smooth fine tuning. For our Los Angeles Violin Shop customers, we would highly recommend this instrument for students.


As one of our most popular student outfits, Domenico Rizzo model violin is great student violin to start. It is all handmade, hand rubbed varnished with reddish brown. This beautiful looking violin is just a step up. It has robust volume, clear tone and projects. For Los Angeles Violin Shop customer, we would confidently recommend this product for students. For even entry level instrument, our shop uses Thomastik Dominant Violin strings. The most popular, and great quality string is installed with this violin, and German Wittner tailpiece gives you smooth fine tuning experience. This is great value for the money.

Domenico Rizzo violin features:

– Solid spruce top, flamed maple

– Ebony fingerboard and pegs

– Hand rubbed spirit varnish reddish brown to brown

– Set up with Thomastik Dominant (3/4, 4/4) or Vision Strings installed.

– German Wittner tailpiece installed for fine tuning

– Style: Stradivari Pattern

– Brazilwood bow with genuine Horsehair

– Plywood shaped case

– Rosin included

– Free Shipping within the continent of U.S

Trade in Value Guaranteed for upgrade –See our Trade In Policy


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