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Labeled Amedee Dieudonne Violin, possibly German

Amedee Dieudonne Violin

Mirecourt, France

Year: 1928


This handsome French violin has a two-piece bookmatched maple back with subtle fine flaming that displays deep active optics. Ribs and scroll match. Top is of straight fine-grained spruce. Varnish is a reddish burnt umber color and is evenly applied. Antiquing is genuine player wear, consisting of some lightening of the color at the edges, on the lower bouts of the top, and a spot where players left hand touched the upper rib in higher positions. The violin is modeled on a Guarneri design, with appropriate sound-holes and shape. The edgework on this violin is very fine, a delight to run your finger over, and testament to its French origin. The café au latte color of the boxwood pegs, chinrest, and tailpiece highlight this handsome instrument.




Amedee Dieudonne Violin features:

  • Guarneri model
  • Single maker French instrument
  • Inspected, adjusted, and set-up in LA Violin Workshop
  • Evah Pirazzi Strings
  • Handsome look and good sound
  • Free Shipping with the continental U.S.


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